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I am mildly amused that my first two entries in this particular journal both have the tag "I am cranky" ;) Its true, though, I am cranky and I shall proceed to complain now about the item that is currently making me cranky.

I am tired of poking holes in myself and am looking forward to Isabelle's birth so that I can stop :p I keep having to turn up the dial on the lancet-poker thingie for the glucose monitor because the shallow setting no longer produces enough blood for the test strip to poke up. OUCH. One small bonus is that the insulin needles prescribed to me this time around ran out and I was too lazy to go refill the script so I dug out my extras from when I was pregnant with Bryce--those needles are slightly thinner and shorter and they don't hurt as badly. The difference is very small but apparently it is enough :D I only have to inject once a day but even so, once a day with less pain? Awesome. After B was born, my blood glucose levels dropped back to normal almost immediately so let us hope it happens again that swiftly because the less times I have to poke the fingers, the better......

Twenty minutes til my next round of testing and meds and then I can sleep!
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