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Is it odd that I am looking forward to the fact that my husband is taking a math class this semester? I am better at math than he is and I know I'll be tutoring him through it but instead of being daunted by the task of being full time care-giver to three children, including one newborn, plus teaching my husband math that frankly confuses him a bit, I look forward to it :) I like math. I have always liked math--I used to work through calculus theorums to relax me :p Its been awhile since I have done some of the stuff he's going to be learning so I'll have to read and practice with him so I can show him how to do it (he is not a "read a book and know how to do it" type learner. He needs hands on teaching and its an online class so no face-to-face instruction) but I always enjoyed reading it over and figuring out how to do it. Plus he bought the required calculator today (TI-89 Titanium) and it is way cooler and does more stuff than my old high school 83 and undergrad 85 calculators ;) New toy!

I am also quite excited by the fact that I got my bill in the mail today for the subscription to Smithsonian I ordered myself :p I haven't had a sub to that mag for a number of years and I always enjoyed reading it. Publishers Clearing House had a markdown too good to pass up ;)
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